National Ka Pakistan - S3E01 - Halwa Poori

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Season 3 kicks off with Chef Saadat, exploring food streets across Pakistan for one of our most favorite breakfast dishes 'Halwa Poori'. Here's some interesting info about this dish...

The food originated in the Indian subcontinent mainly in the Punjab province. It has developed into a traditional breakfast consisting of a deep fried bread (poori), served with halwa and curries mixed of chickpeas (known locally as 'choley') and potato. Traditional mango pickle and onion pickle are also served along with fresh yogurt. It can also be served with lassi (yogurt drink). The halwa is typically made with semolina and garnished with nuts.

A variety of bakeries often set up stalls of Halwa Poori for breakfast that offer dine in at the street scene or offer take away. It has become very popular among middle, upper middle and elite classes to enjoy a breakfast of Halwa Poori, especially on the weekends.

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