Bubble Pizza Recipe(In Urdu/Hindi)How to make a Perfect Bubble Pizza,Quick Pizza in Easy Steps

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Super Yummiest Homemade Bubble Pizza Recipe
Now forget home delivery of pizza, instead serve homemade Bubble Pizza with Chicken, and Cheese topping…treat your family to this warm and delicious golden crust Bubble Pizza.. perfect for a hearty lunch or evening meal or dinner.
Everyone's favorite quick meal gets a hearty topping of pre-cooked chicken and Italian seasonings and extra cheese
Let’s learn how to make this delicious bubble pizza with this easy and simple recipe using chicken and cheese for topping at home
First Step
Need pizza dough,which recipe has already shared with you and fowling is its link :
Second Step
Need pizza sauce which recipe’s link is given below :
Third Step
Prepare fajita chicken : in a bowl add boneless breast chicken , red chili powder , salt , black pepper , oregano , basil , thyme , parsley , rosemary , ginger garlic paste ,lemon juice , hot sauce , mustard paste and soya sauce,,,mix well,,,marinate half an hour,,,heat a grill pan and grill this marinated chicken,,,,when it cooked shared 2/3 in small pieces and 1/3 in small chunks
Final Step
Pre heat your oven at 180 Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit or Gas Mark 4
Grease your pizza pan
Mix fine chopped capsicum in shredded chicken
Divide pizza dough in two parts
First part flatten in pizza pan,,,spread pizza sauce,,,layer mozzarella cheese,,sprinkle chili flakes and set aside to rise,,,base is ready
Make small balls with remaining dough stuffed with chicken and capsicum
Put these small balls on all edges of base and in centre also
On remaining place put chicken chunks ,,, sprinkle mix ittalain hurbs,,,put cheddar cheese,,,brush all balls with egg
Bake 20-22 minutes on middle rack
After 20-22 minutes Super Delicious Bubble Pizza will be ready,,,serve with your favorite dip…….Happy Baking
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Bubble Pizza Recipe. how to make Bubble Pizza at home. Homemade Bubble Pizza recipe by shaz kitchen. A Step by Step recipe Bubble Pizza recipe.
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