Aloo Kachalu Recipe in Hindi | Khatte Aloo | chatpate aloo

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Aloo kachalu is made using aloo with khatte masale hence sometimes called as khatte aloo or chatapata aloo.
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1kg baby potatoes
Boil /steam the potatoes in a pressure cooker on high flame for one whistle.switch off the flame when the pressure settles down remove and rinse the potatoes keep it in the fridge along with the skin when the potatoes cooled down peel it off
Tips use small sized potatoes for better taste
1medium bowl dry kokum (15-20) also called as garcinia indica soaked in water for 2 hrs
3tbsp roasted coriander powder(coarsely)
1/2tsp black salt
2tsp roasted cumin powder
15-20 curry leaves
3 tbsp red chilli powder(kutilal and kashmiri chilli powder in equal quantity)
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnishing


Grind the dry kokum along with water to a fine paste
In a wok heat oil keep the gas on medium flame add the curry leaves
Fry the leaves till they become slightly crisp
Add the kokum paste saute for a min now add all the powdered spices mix well
Cook till the colour slightly deepens
Add the potatoes,mix well
The spices will begin to coat all the potato chunks
Switch off the flame
Garnish with coriander leaves
Easy to make in ramadan
Serve hot

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